Living The Dream

Dreams are different for each of us, for me Living The Dream is knowing I am in Gods good and perfect will for my life. I believe that Ali and I are now in that place and it feels good. 

 Me chopping wood for the fire to cook dinner. 

Many people would not think that leaving a comfortable home in England, leaving friends and family, to live in a remote part of Africa with no running water or electricity could in any way be a positive thing. For us this is the fulfilment of our dream. 
For 15 years we have been praying and preparing for this time. There have been moments when we thought it would never happen. There have been other times when I have not wanted it to happen and I’ve asked God to take it away because I was fearful or sad at the thought of leaving family.  

Now we are here, it still hasn’t sunk in really, in some ways it feels like we have been here forever though in reality it is only three weeks.  
There is so much to do and the days go so fast, everyone working with KIK is so busy going out monitoring the kids on the programme. I am office bound for the moment sorting out filing systems, Ali has been visiting the local schools with the monitoring team. 
Ali is planning and preparing for the building work on the land to begin, once that starts it will be full on for him. 
Evenings are the worst time as it is dark at 7 pm and the mosquitos start to bite, the climate here is very humid so everything is damp. So damp, dark, hot, itchy evenings are not the best. We go to bed between 9:30 and 10:00 pm most days. This is necessary anyway as Kailahun starts to come alive around 5:30 am and there is no double glazing to keep the noise out. So cockerels crowing, goats screaming, birds singing, crickets clicking plus the smell of smoke as fires are rekindled from the night before all makes for an interesting early morning call.
As we lie here in bed watching the Lightning through the window and the rain thundering down on the tin roof it all feels a bit surreal.  I have never heard thunder so loud the house actually shakes in time with the clashes of thunder.  The most disconcerting thing is the fact we are under a tin roof, well I suppose looking on the positive side the rain would put out any fire that may occur through a lightning strike. 

I was talking about Living The Dream maybe I am dreaming. 

My that rain is heavy.  

Good night God Bless. 


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A Haven in Spain

Ali and I have just returned from a week in Spain.  It was a busy week yet a very productive week as we viewed properties and then had an offer accepted on our little haven in the sun. 


We made a visit to the notary and signed documents to enable the lawyers to act in our absence and so by mid August we should be owners of our Spanish Home. 

It is a small 2 bedroom apartment with a lovely roof solarium where we will be able to relax in the sun, we also have the use of a lovely communal pool that is a two minute walk away. With shops, bars and restraunts within 5 minutes walk,  it is going to be a perfect little bolt hole for us for the times we are home from Sierra Leone. 

God is so good to us and we feel totally blessed to be in a position to be able to do this. 

We won’t be renting our apartment out but we will be happy for friends and family to use it when we are not there, we would just ask for a small donation towards the costs and possibly a small donation to our missions fund, though this would be totally voluntary.  We know we are blessed and want our friends to be blessed also. 

We thank God every day for the life He has given us and we are determined to live our life to the full appreciating all He has done for us and living in obedience to the things He has called us to. 

Love and Blessing Ali and Lorraine

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Good Bye Pilgrims Hall 

 After 9 months living in this beautiful house and working as part of the residential team the time has come for us to move on.  When we first arrived in October 2014 we knew we where in the place God wanted us to be and our mission was to seek and to serve the Lord, so that is exactly what we have done.  
For just short of a year we have been living as part of a Christian Community  helping to run the Hall, serving all those who pass through the doors, learning, listening, building and preparing for the next part of our life journey.  

Community living is not everyone’s cup of tea and we very quickly realised that our lives were no longer our own. Life in community is about sacrifice. In a house like Pilgrims Hall there is a lot to do and for me it was a bit of a shock. Those who know me well, will understand that I’m not really very domesticated, I very quickly had to accept that my life was now different and consisted of cleaning, ironing, waitressing and making coleslaw.    (I had never made coleslaw before) 

Oh yeah, flower arranging was also necessary, to make the tea room look pretty.    

 Ali was kept very busy too with 19 acres of grounds to take care of plus 21 chickens, and 6 bee hives. He always had something to do outside, though I think it’s fair to  say he actually loved it.  

It was a real blessing for me to see my husband so relaxed and at peace in what he was doing. I loved  watching him out of the window zipping around on the tractor, working in the vegetable garden or collecting the eggs.  As much as we were at Pilgrims Hall to serve, I think we would both say that we have learnt so much from the experience and we are far better equipped and prepared to go to serve the Lord in Sierra Leone than we were when we arrived.  

Who would of thought, less than a year ago that we would have had this unique opportunity to serve the Lord in such a beautiful place. We have met some amazing people, we have sat under outstanding leadership, we have received some excellent bible teaching and we have been right in the centre of Gods will for our lives for this time. 

Thank you Lord for taking us on this journey and preparing us for the next chapter.

Pilgrims Hall will always be a special place to us and we have no doubt this is the beginning and not the end. 

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Hello, join us on our journey ……….


Ali and I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog.  It seems like a good way to share with our family, friends and any one else who wants to read, a way to keep you guys up to date as we move forward  to the next exciting chapter in the adventure we call life.

We will tell you about life in Kailahun, the people we meet, the things we do and the thoughts we have.

We are not literary experts so it may be a bit rough around the edges.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves so you are likely to get the whole shabangle, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the excited and the frustrated, hopefully you will get our hearts.

Not sure how regular we will post but we will try our best to keep you updated.

Thanks for being interested and caring enough to read.

Love and blessings,

Ali and Lorraine

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